I design and produce my work using as much automation as possible without compromising on design, which has also allowed me to lower prices. I partner with a small, local manufacturer to produce some of my work. I’m looking forward to increasing the production of more of my line in the future.

My designs are for everyone, including my friends, colleagues, & neighbors. I believe there is a way for all of us to have access to thoughtful, sustainable, ethical design that supports creativity and innovation.
I support movements everywhere, especially in New York and the Hudson Valley. Here are some links to learn more about labor movements across the country.

The AFL-CIO is a federation of labor unions which supports the international advancement of worker’s rights.

ILR Labor Action Tracker
A great tool for tracking ongoing strikes and labor movements across the country.

Worker Justice Center of NY
The WJCNY provides legal assistance to agricultural and low-wage workers, as well as education and other services to the NY public.

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